Hatcher Pass, Alaska

March 12, 2016


Hatcher Pass is a scenic drive between the towns of Plamer and Willow, through the Talkeetna Mountains. At the end of the road is Hatcher Pass Lodge (pictured above) and Independnce Mine. Make sure you have a $5 bill to pay for parking. As soon as you make it to the parking lot you will notice the kids sledding, people hitting the trails to hike or skii, and people out on their snowmobiles. 


The lodge is small but cozy place to warm up, grab something to eat or drink, and relax. The owner was very friendly. The view from the lodge is beautiful!


I decided to hike Hatcher Pass Trail (pictured above), which is a well-groomed snowmobile trail that is also open to hikers. This is NOT an easy trail to hike. Again if you are going to be hiking this in the winter, I recommend a pair of ice cleats. I don’t think I would have survived without the cleats as some of the hills are very steep. 


I am not sure how long this trail is, but it took about 4.5 hours to make it to the end of the trail and back. The trail is also well marked. 


During the hike I stumbled across more glacier ice. There is not a glacier still in this area, so these are likely a remnants of an old glacier that have slid down the mountain this winter. 


Once again, I am excited to visit this area again in the summer time! 

I found the following websites helpful for more information: 

This blog is simply a log of my personal experiences. It is not a travel guide, a trail guide, any other sort of a guide, and it is not intended to give information for replication.


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