Iditarod Ceremonial Start – Anchorage, Alaska

March 5, 2016

I was very fortunate to arrive in Ancharge just in time for the Iditarod! I got downtown extra early because I didn’t know how big of a mess traffic and parking would be. The event takes place along 4th Avenue.

I do recommend arriving a couple hours early so that you can get a close up spot along the street, otherwise you may not be able to see anything. The selfie stick came in very handy in order to take pictures over other people.

This event is an opening ceremony for the Iditarod, and not the actual start of the race. The actual start takes place the next day in Willow the following day.

After you have seen several of the race teams make their debut, I recommend walking down the street where the teams are getting their dogs ready.

I also walked in the opposite from the start and got a less crowded view of teams as they made their way on the 3-mile trip. The distance this year was cut from the normal 11-mile route to 3 miles because of a lack of snow. The snow for this event was brought in by rail car from Fairbanks, Alaska (pictured below).

I found the following website useful for for information:

This blog is simply a log of my personal experiences. It is not a travel guide, a trail guide, any other sort of a guide, and it is not intended to give information for replication.


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