Bird Ridge Trail – Anchorage, Alaska

March 29, 2016


Bird Ridge Trail trailhead is located just off of Seward Highway on Turnagain Arm, and this is another trail in Chugach State Park that requires an annual parking pass or $5 for parking. 

This trail is very steep, and gets more difficult with an increase in elevation. I thought that the hike up was hard, until I started back down the mountain and realized that the way down was even more difficult! Out of all the trails I have hiked so far, I would rate this one as the most difficult and the most dangerous. 

I was unable to make it to the summit on this one, because I didn’t bring my ice cleats with me. After my legs have had time to recover, I plan on attempting this one again with my cleats. 

Even without reaching the end of this trail, there are several beautiful views of Turnagain Arm.  
For more information I found the following websites useful:

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