Flattop Mountain and Peak 2 – Anchorage, Alaska

April 14, 2016

Tonight I did another Meetup group hike to Flattop Mountain and then over to Peak 2. We started at the trailhead located off of Canyon Road, instead of the more established Glen Alps Trailhead.


This hike was fairly steep with a mix of mud, snow, and rocks. The trail was very easy to follow. We first summited Flattop Mountain (pictured above). After attempting to summit Flattop last week, this trail seemed much easier and much safer than the other trail leading to the summit. 



Next we made our way up to Peak 2 (pictured above). This trail was snowy and pretty steep, didn’t take much time to complete, and was worth the extra hike. The view from Peak 2 was even more magnificent than the view from Flattop. This was another mountain that I donned my snow pants for, and slid back down the mountain on my buttock!


There is a trail to continue to Peak 3 and Peak 4, however I will save that for another day! 



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