California Creek Trail and Abe’s Trail – Girdwood, Alaksa

October 16, 2016

The trail guide that we used today (from, states that Abe’s Trail is 1.5 miles long and California Creek Trail is 0.75 miles long.  Our GPS was in much disagreement with this as California Creek Trail was much longer than 0.75 miles. We leisurely hiked a total of 4.4 miles in about 2.5 hours. 

We started from the Beaver Pond Trailhead, and hiked a loop from the Beaver Pond Trail > California Creek Trail > Abe’s Trail > Beaver Pond Trail > Trailhead. The California Creek Trail and the Abe’s Trail were marked along the Beaver Pond Trail, however Abe’s Trail was not marked when it intersected with the California Creek Trail.

Each trail was very similar and not too steep. 

The trail ended at a very odd spot. It was very unaesthetic, but there was a nice view of Alyeska (pictured below) from the end of the trail. 

There were several small creeks along these trails, and the water is starting to freeze. We also got snowed on today toward the end of our hike. 

Overall, I found these trails a little boring. The rainforests in Girdwood are always beautiful, but the Upper Winner Creek Trail, the Lower Winner Creek Trail, and the North Face Trail are much better/exciting Girdwood Trails. 

For more information I found the following websites (somewhat) helpful:

This blog is simply a log of my personal experiences. It is not a travel guide, a trail guide, any other sort of a guide, and it is not intended to give information for replication


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