Portage Glacier – Portage Lake, Alaska

February 18, 2017

I have been wanting to snoweshoe to Portage Glacier all winter long, and the weather was finally just right to do it! I was a little disappointed with my first snowshoeing attempt at Portage Pass, but this was a much better experience. This view of Portage Glacier was also better than the view from Portage Pass. 

We started our trek at the Begich Boggs Visitor Center, and snowshoed across Portage Lake all the way to Portage Glacier. 

There were several people cross country skiing and snowshoeing to the glacier. Anyone who brought fat tire bikes was unable to make it past a few yards. 

The snow on top of the ice had melted and several places, and we had to do a little bit of weaving instead of making a straight line across the lake. The water was mid-shin to knee deep in places. 

The total distance of the hike was just under 8 miles, and it took us about 3 hours to complete. 

For more information I found the following website helpful:

This blog is simply a log of my personal experiences. It is not a travel guide, a trail guide, any other sort of a guide, and it is not intended to give information for replication.


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